Police are investigating death of French singer Barbara Weldens. The rising star was on stage in Goudron, France, when she apparently went into cardiac arrest. Her cause of death remains is unconfirmed. Though publication notes that officials did not want to speculate, rumors have been swirling. A spokesperson said  they “will see in the next weeks if a reevaluation” is needed. They also plan to determine whether an electrical malfunction occurred and if so, why. In a statement, organizers behind the Pic d’Or prize, which the 35 years old won in 2016, addressed her death. “It was with great emotion that we learned this morning of the death of Barbara Weldens, our Pic d’Or 2016 at a concert last night in Gourdon in the Lot, obviously electrocuted” the statement says. “Our team is deeply disturbed by the brutal disappearance of the artist who had appeared on the stage of the Theater des Nouveaux on May 20th, during our last edition. A radiant woman, full of energy and talented and of course we think of all her family and her loved ones” it continued. Weldens released her first album “Le Grand H de l’Homme,” on February 3. A bio on Weldens’ website suggests she grew up around circuses. When she was not learning to juggle, do acrobatics or swing on the trapeze, she was writing poems, playing piano and singing. Her dreams of being a musician were temporarily put on hold in adulthood, but took off full force in 2011 when she began working with Théâtre de Pierres. Weldens won several awards during her lifetime, including first prize in Jacques Brel Young Talent competition in 2016. No further information is available about her death yet.

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