The French are pointing out what they think may be a couple of alternative facts in a White House video touting the benefits of leaving Paris Accord. French officials took aim at a 40 second video released by the White House after President Trump announced his decision to pull the United States out of the global agreement aimed at mitigating global warming. The original video kicks off with a slide that reads “The Paris Accord is a bad deal for America” while the French version offers the same exact start with a few minor edits added in red text “Leaving the Paris Accord is a bad deal for America and the World.” The pattern continues for the remainder of video, with the French adding their tweaks and corrections to each slide in the original video. It refutes the concept that the climate deal “undermines US competitiveness and jobs” as suggested in the White House clip, by adding the footnote “Major US companies from all sectors such as Exxon Mobil, Schneider Electric and Microsoft disagree.” The original video blasts the $3 billion UN “slush fund” while the French video points out the US’ financial contribution to the green climate is less per capita than many other countries, including Germany, France, the UK and Sweden. Where the White House video claims the accord was a deal “badly negotiated by Barack Obama” the remake suggests it was “comprehensively negotiated” and calls it a “balanced and flexible agreement, designed so that all countries can contribute to it equally.” The video is not the first time French officials have taunted the United States’ move to become one of only three countries, including Syria and Nicaragua, not abiding by the climate change agreement. France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, riffing on Trump’s campaign slogan, has repeatedly told the Paris deal “will make the planet great again.”

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