A video of a fisherman shooting a shark several times has drawn outrage and sparked an investigation by a state agency in Florida. After hammerhead shark is hooked by one of men on boat, another man can be seen pointing a small gun at shark and firing. He seems to be chuckling after firing shots. Video was posted on social media recently and widely shared. “My first reaction was how ridiculous it was and how cruel it was, quite frankly. This was all done so they can videotape it and show it to their friends” animal activist Russ Rector said. The video was passed on to Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, which is looking into the shooting. Fishermen can shoot sharks in federal waters, but not close to land.

“That video was forwarded to us as a result of the public outcry from the first shark dragging video. The video is being investigated, and FWC can’t confirm identities” an agency spokesman said. Last month another unsettling video showed a shark being dragged behind a fishing boat at high speed, which also prompted an investigation by state agency. Florida Gov Rick Scott called the video “deeply disturbing.” A third video from earlier this year showed a hammerhead shark drowned with beer. Video was titled “Who needs a beer bong?” Rector was said the shooting incident happened near Sarasota. He told what the fishermen did amounted to torture. “If you are going to kill a shark, you shoot it in the head. He fired shots into the gill, causing the shark to bleed out and suffocate” he said.

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