When you leave your children with someone, you rely on them completely to make sure they are safe. But a father was left furious after discovering that his babysitter had fallen asleep on the sofa and decided to teach her a very cruel lesson. The man, named Christopher and believed to be based in US, had already left for work when he realised that he would forgotten some paperwork at home. When he went back to fetch it, he discovered the babysitter, identified as Sarah, taking a nap on sofa.

After taking a photograph as evidence, father decided to take his children with him, in order to make it look like they would been kidnapped. Messages shared on Facebook showed how babysitter began frantically calling and texting her boss after discovering that children were missing. After ignoring several phone calls from Sarah, Christopher messaged her ‘Whats up? Hello? Why you blowing me up??’ When Sarah said to him ‘Call me now’, he refused, claiming he had no signal and asking again ‘Whats up?’


Christopher then said to Sarah to tell him what was going on, writing ‘I cannot call wtf is going on. Are my kids ok?’, adding ‘Answer me now’. Sarah then explained how she would called his wife’s school, with one of her colleagues telling her that ‘the boys were ok’. When the father then asked his babysitter ‘Where are my f****** kids Sarah’, she said ‘If I knew I wouldn’t be blowing up your phone!!’ He then asked whether she would called the police, with Sarah replying that she had. She told the police had told her ‘call your employer they probably know what’s going on.’ Christopher finally said her the truth, telling’I took my f****** kids at 10. Get out of my f****** house! I may be pressing charges on you for neglecting my f****** kids.’ He added that she was ‘fired’ and that he was on his way to police station. The exchange between pair has gone viral online, with social media users divided over whether father had overreacted. It is not believed that police took the case any further.

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