A skydiver in Florida sent a video to his wife saying he wasn’t going to pull  cord on his parachute, minutes before jumping to his death from a plane.An incident report released Friday by  DeLand Police Department says Capotorto Vitantonio’s wife ran into Sky Dive DeLand Tuesday after receiving the video and begged an employee to stop her husband.The employee radioed up to plane, but it was too late. Vitantonio had already jumped.  Report says that Vitantonio, an experienced jumper, didn’t open his parachute.


According to the report, Vitantonio told his wife, Costansa Zitellini, 25, in the video that he was going ‘somewhere wonderful.’The Sky Dive DeLand employee said investigators that Vitantonio seemed ‘normal’ before going up.Vitantonio, an Italian national, was found with his face down in a field southeast of runways at DeLand Municipal Airport.He was 27 years old.


Vitantonio and his wife lived in DeLand. Both of them worked for United Parachute Technologies, a local company that makes containers for parachutes.This was the fifth reported fatality at Sky Dive DeLand, which is considered one of the nation’s busiest skydiving points, since 2013.The general manager of the facility,  Mike Johnston, told that Zitellini arrived just ‘moments too late.”We give our a safe ride to altitude and we transport them using aircraft that has been considered the best maintained in the industry,’ Johnston told. “’When a person steps out the door, they are responsible for themselves.’


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