A drugs gang hitman was gunned down in a shocking assassination as he waited to have his hair cut in a barber shop. Victim Oscar Martin Mendoza Barrero had been checking his phone at hairdressers in Callao, Argentina, when he was shot in head. CCTV footage of slaying shows Barrero sitting on a bench waiting for his turn on barber’s chair.

But as he looks down at his smartphone, an assassin wearing a motorcycle helmet and armed with a handgun walks in through door behind him. Astonishingly, his first shot, at point blank range, misses Barrero, who ducks and throws both arms up behind his head. The second shot hits him square in back of his skull, sending him to the floor. Then, as he backs out of door, gunman fires twice more into his victim’s head. Local media reports that Barrero is an assistant to notorious hitman Bhell Bhoy Arbin Santillan Rios, known as ‘Servando.’ Officials from Argentina’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation tell Peruvian national Barrero was on bail pending extradition proceedings. He and Servando, currently in jail, are linked to drug dealing, weapons possession, forgery and other crimes. Detectives believe Barrero was probably executed after falling out with a rival gang.

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