On a Friday night a week ago, three men got out of a pickup truck on a sprawling piece of rural Pennsylvania real estate.
Mark Sturgis  and Thomas Meo   were ready to buy some pot. The other man, Cosmo Dinardo, had a dark, grisly secret, police say.
Not far from the spot, the body of another man, killed earlier that day, was set  in a metal container, according to court documents. Not far away another body was in a grave.
Dinardo   later told for police that he had a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver.
“When they (Meo and Sturgis) turned their backs on me, I shot Tom in the back,” said  Dinardo allegedly  detectives questioning him, according to a criminal complaint.
On Friday  Dinardo  20   and his cousin, Sean Kratz  also 20, were charged with homicide, conspiracy and abuse of a corpse as well as with a weapons charge and  robbery.
A judge entered not guilty pleas on their behalf and they are being held without bails.
Dinardo is also accused in the fatal shootings of Jimi Patrick and Dean Finocchiaro.
The four young victims, who went missing last week  were lured to the remote property with promises of buying marijuana, but they were shot and killed  buried in graves dug by a backhoe, according to the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, district attorney.
The victims was discover  buried on the large property owned by Dinardo s parents in Solebury Township, according to a statement from the district attorney’s office.
Investigators found the bodies of Finocchiaro, Meo and Sturgis in a   foot-deep grave Wednesday, according to the complaint. Patrick s body were found in a separate grave late Thursday.

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