A golfer in South Carolina sparked speculation about mythical creature after spotting a hairless creature on links over the weekend.

“Can somebody pleeeeease tell me what the flock this is!?!? #ThatAintNoDog” Doug Stewart wrote on his Facebook as he posted five photos of four-legged animal. Stewart has received nearly 700 responses so far and many have remarked that he happened along the Chupacabra, rumored to be roaming wild for 20 years. Others had more creative responses. “Giant Ship Rat!!!” One Facebook user says.

“Demon straight from hell” said another.

Others suggested that creature is simply an animal with mange and experts agree that is likely correct answer. “It’s a canine with mange, it’s not a Chupracabra. That you can put to bed” Jay Butfiloski of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said. Butfiloski said the animal could be a coyote or fox, but he could not say what species it was based on photographs. According to legend, Chupacabra kills goats and other cattle. It has never been proven to exist.

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