A small engineering company in Japan claims it has produced world’s first street-legal car capable of hitting 0-60mph in under 2 seconds. The Aspark Owl was launched at Frankfurt Auto Show last year and its creators said it would have 430 hp, 563 all-wheel lb-ft of torque, weigh under 860 kg and accelerate to sixty in just 2 seconds. Now Aspark have released incredible footage showing electric hypercar smashing sub-2-second mark and achieving a time of just 1,921 seconds, faster than any Formula 1 racing car.


Aspark told they only plan to produce 50 units and customers will have to fork out £3 million to get their hands on exclusive vehicle. The test appears to have been completed in back lot of a small manufacturing facility, possibly where the car was assembled. Despite video, some car enthusiasts have voiced their skepticism.

They point to fact there are no shots of speedometer or any time or speed recording displays. They also told the location is oddly small to be hustling a car to 60 mph and back down. And they noted prototype was fitted with racing slick tyres as opposed to the grippier street-legal tyres, which would’ve made it easier for the car to accelerate.


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