He is  known for outlandish confidence and running his mouth, but Conor McGregor’s biggest insult to upcoming opponent Floyd Mayweather was more subtle than usual. UFC champion and boxing legend faced off for  first time ahead of the mega fight next month, with both McGregor and Mayweather trading endless verbal barbs.But the biggest insult from the 28 year old Irish-born fighter was hidden in plain view of Mayweather, with McGregor wearing a suit complete with pin stripes containing the words ‘FUCK YOU’ throughout the press call.

The expletive, which has been used so often by McGregor towards his opponents it has become somewhat of a catchphrase, was written all over  handmade suit.McGregor ensured his suit would steal the show at Los Angeles press call, after he abused Mayweather for only choosing to wear just a stars and stripes tracksuit.

‘He’s in a fucking tracksuit, he can’t even afford a suit anymore’, McGregor quipped, before Mayweather pulled out a cheque for USD$100 million. In front of 11,000 fans at LA’s Staples Center, the pair met face toface for  first time since their money-spinning megafight was confirmed in June.


An energised McGregor danced around  stony-faced Mayweather, as  former four weight boxing world champion initially sat perched on a stool.’On August 26, this man will be unconscious, he is too small, he is too frail,’ McGregor taunted.’I will come out and paint many images. I can fight in my ways. I can dazzle him.’He will be unconscious inside four rounds. He is not experienced this. I don’t fear him. This is a limited set of rules that makes this half a fight.’



Press Conferences:

12 July: Los Angeles, USA

13 July: Toronto, Canada, 7.30am

14 July: New York, USA, 8.30am

 15 July: London, Great Britain, 4am


26 August, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

At the end of  press conference the fighters walked to the middle of  stage to let off some steam and trade barbs, as UFC president Dana White separated them.As their respective entourages closed in on  pair, Mayweather was forced to push his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. away from the confrontation.The duo are on a four leg promotional tour which ends at Wembley Arena, London, on Friday. Following that, they will next come face to face at T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas for their weigh-in and highly anticipated fight in late August.

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