A video captured moments when a Southern California police officer shot and killed a man who witnesses said had grabbed a clip of ammunition. The unidentified man was seen in a short clips from Twitter user Timo, who told that the shooting took place at a 7 Eleven in Huntington Beach Friday morning. One video shows a struggle on ground, with man seen grabbing a small object from belt of the officer. Another sees man rising to his feet and moving away with object in hand, as the officer takes out his gun. At least 7 shots are heard as man stumbles around and then collapses against a wall. Huntington Beach police said that the shooting happened after an unspecified “altercation” with the man, who later died at a local hospital. Two witnesses said that man had thrown a punch at officer, but that he was not holding a gun and that object in his hand was a “magazine clip” of ammunition taken from cop. The 7 Eleven is across street from Marina High School, which told that it briefly went into lockdown because of shooting.

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