Once synonymous with luxury, the Cadillac brand has taken a backseat in recent decades to premium car makers from Germany and Japan as well. Cadillac is not even the most desirable American brand in 2017, with Tesla Motors staking claim to that title with its burgeoning lineup of all-electric cars. Having read the writing on the wall, Cadillac has worked to evolve its technological offerings to better compete with the Tesla’s of the world, adding a plug-in hybrid powertrain to its CT6 lineup with 31 miles of battery only range, developing a hands-free Super Cruise driving mode for the 2018 CT6 and introducing a vehicle  to vehicle communication system as a standard feature in the 2017 CTS.

Cadillac’s latest new technology can exchange real time data with traffic signals. This car to infrastructure, or V2I, technology allows a car to receive information from traffic controllers about signal phasing and timing, which can alert drivers to a likely encounter with a red light based on his or her speed, helping them avoid having to brake suddenly or speed up through an intersection. Properly equipped signals can share information through dedicated short range communications, or DSRC, protocol. Though still only a prototype, this technology is viewed as a key component to full car automation. Audi has unveiled a similar system for production versions of the 2017 A4, Q7 and Allroad cars, although its Car to X Communications systemis only compatible in Las Vegas.

As is the case with its vehicle to vehicle system, Cadillac’s V2I software does not share information such as a car’s identification number, registration data or media access control address in its messages. Cyber security firewalls also are in place to make sure the communications can not be tampered with. Cadillac’s V2V vehicle can handle 1,000 messages per second from other vehicles nearly 1,000 feet away. With V2V, V2I and GPS location technology, Cadillac hopes to create a wireless communication network that allows its vehicles to pilot themselves regardless of weather, road and cellular service conditions.

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