This past weekend’s Bugatti Grand Tour in South America turned out to be less than glamorous for one unlucky driver. Annual event chose Patagonia as its destination for a trip featuring a sample of the luxury automaker’s affluent clientele. However, when  train of Veyrons and Chirons found itself on a gorgeous cruise through the Andes Mountains, one unfortunate member of convoy lost control of his vehicle. Apparently this Bugatti owner was not prepared for one particularly tight corner and careened off road down an embankment. Although he ended up walking away from the accident uninjured, his $2,7 million Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was not so lucky. The French hypercar took one hell of a beating with both the front and rear bumpers being destroyed, exhaust pipes bent out of shape and damage to undercarriage that you can bet will cost him a pretty penny. Kudos to Bugatti Grand Tour participant Rodrigo Munoz, whose car is fortunately still intact, for an Instagram video as well as a photograph of aftermath. Despite cringe-worthy sight of a ruined Bugatti, they do provide an amazing view of Andes. If you can get past the 6 figures worth of damage to a $3 million car, that sure is a beautiful picture.

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