Nearly 2 dozen Bronx gangbangers have been slapped with a laundry list of violent crimes, including killing of a teenager over $2. Twenty members of the “Slattery Avenue Boys” are charged with assaults of rivals and robberies of random others. The gang started as a dance and rap crew in Slattery Playground in Fordham Heights but now have murder and mayhem on their dance card. Among their more horrific deeds, Juan Calderon 24 years old Jahkim Wright 23 years old and Abraham Moore 23 years old shot and killed Khaleed Adams on August 2, 2013 as revenge for a shooting that left Calderon’s brother paralyzed. Gang member Tristan Ortiz 20 years old and an accomplice, fatally stabbed Carl Ducasse 17 years old when he balked at handing over $2 on June 17, 2016. In 1 case, Tyquan McNeil 20 years old and Joshua Castro 19 years old robbed a family out shopping on Christmas Eve 2014, knifing the 16 year old son twice in back. The “Slattery Avenue Boys” could not even pause the violence to mourn 1 of their own. Three gang members Wright, Tyrell Griffen 23 years old and Will Jetter 21 years old, stabbed a stranger they mistook for a rival near where a wake was being held for a fallen crew member on February 3, 2015. Their reign of terror continued behind bars. While incarcerated, Nasir Cooper slashed a rival multiple times last March 16. The alleged gang members were hit with a 41 count indictment. They face a minimum of 15 to 25 years in jail and a maximum of life behind bars. “These young defendants chose the gang life and this case shows how it will lead to either death or prison” Clark said.

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