She will undergo a life-changing operation on her spine in just over a week’s time, funded by TV’s very own Simon Cowell and Britain’s Got Talent star Julia Carlile 15 years old left festival-goers in tears as she performed for the last time before travelling to America to undergo her operation. The teenage dancer, who suffers from the painful condition scoliosis, wowed the crowds as she delivered a routine alongside the rest of her MerseyGirls troupe at Formby Festival in Liverpool on Sunday. Despite reports alleging that music mogul Simon had offered to pay for her surgery, neither Julia nor talent show judge had confirmed the claims, until now. Speaking news she confessed ‘Simon came and spoke to us backstage.Just walking off stage and he said he was paying for it and I couldn’t believe it. Annie came up to me and said Simon wants to speak to us. He said we did a really good performance.’

The operation will set the 57 years old star back £175,000 and will see Julia travel to New York with her family on Sunday. The teen will then travel to NJ will she will receive the surgery that has restored her hope in being able to dance again.


The procedure, called vertebral body tethering, involves screws being fixed along a cord inside back. It takes just 6 weeks to recover compared to 6 months and is reversible if it does not work.

Unsurprisingly, emotions were running high as the dance group, who are made up of Julia’s friends, as well as her older sister Alice 17 years old, weeped after performing together for the last time before the operation. Opening up about her tear-jerking final performance, Julia said ‘It was quite sad. I’m not going to see any of the girls now before my surgery. We were all crying and saying bye to each other, hugging and crying. we are really, really close friends.’

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