Britain is set to be hotter than Monaco tomorrow as temperatures soar to 73℉ (23℃) before Autumnal weather washes in. London is expected to reach highs of 73℉ (23℃) on Sunday, meaning that it is set to be warmer than Monaco, which will see highs of 71℉ (22℃). Today, optimistic Britons flocked to seaside in South East to embrace weather after forecasters predicted an ‘Indian Summer’ earlier this week.

Met Office forecaster Mark Wilson told ‘On Saturday afternoon the best of the sunshine is across southern parts of the country, particularly south western parts and also the far north of Scotland. Central and eastern parts will be dry and fairly bright and we could see highs of 73℉ (23℃) in London. In between in that central slice there will be a fair amount of cloud around and the odd bit of rain. Most places will be quite dry but will turn quite windy in the west.’

But despite warm weather for southern parts of UK, wet weather is predicted to hit the western regions of  UK tomorrow evening. ‘A band of rain is set to reach Northern Ireland by the evening, which will continue to track its way eastwards through the night so by dawn tomorrow it will be pretty wet across western parts of Scotland, north-west England, West Wales and South West England’ he said.

Things will start to cool down on Monday and Tuesday with highs of 70℉ (21℃) and lows of 45℉ (7℃). Mr Wilson told ‘It’s very tricky to say at this time of year as we can still get some fairly warm spells as we are this weekend. Obviously, the later in the season you go the less likely that will happen, but it’s not completely out of the question.’

Autumnal Equinox on Thursday officially marked end of summer in Northern Hemisphere. Over coming months, the amount of daylight becomes shorter than hours of darkness. The warmest temperature of month so far was 74,8℉ (23,8℃), recorded at Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, on Sep 4. Last year, 34,3℃ (93,9℉) was recorded at Gravesend, Kent, on Sep 13.

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