An incredible tubular creature known as the ‘unicorn of sea’ has been spotted floating off coast of Port Douglas, creating a spectacular underwater vista while also perplexing divers. Jay Wink of ABC Scuba Diving spotted the strange creature and snapped a pic, later posting it to Facebook asking ‘can anyone name the pink thing?’. He found it floating in sea while diving off coast of Port Douglas, Queensland. The creature is called a pyrosome and is a collection of thousands of tiny creatures known as zooids grouped together in a jelly-like body. They are commonly known as ‘sea pickles’ or the ‘unicorn of sea’ due to their improbable and mysterious nature. The 3 meters long cylinder-like being with its illuminating flashes of blue and pink made for a captivating sight under sea. Mr Wink said seeing the pyrosome was ‘pretty unusual’. ‘It was quite a vivid pink, just under the surface there was this bright pink, photos don’t really do it justice.’

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