Lying unconscious in road as a Mercedes drives over him, this is appalling , moment a driver ran over a pedestrian and drove off leaving him for dead. The horrifying attack was filmed on a motorcyclist’s GoPro camera and shows black Mercedes reverse and drive over the man just before 4:30 Pm on July 11. The motorist drove off leaving his victim, aged 35, lying motionless on road in the Moseley area of Birmingham as passersby ran to his aid screaming in fear and shouting ‘I’ve got you on f****** camera, you t***.’  Man is now fighting for his life in hospital and is believed to be severely brain damaged. A 43 years old man handed himself in around 6 hours later and has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder before being bailed.

Zoe McCarthy 23 years old a student at Oxford Brookes university, captured the terrifying incident on her GoPro camera as she rode home from work. She told ‘It happened so quickly. The man was standing in the street and talking to a driver through the window of his car. The man in the Mercedes behind was impatient and started shouting. He reversed and drove over him. It was shocking. I couldn’t believe it was happening. The car just drove off while the man lay in the street.’

In the footage, victim can be seen crumpled underneath wheels of the car as Zoe immediately reacts to brutal attack. She is heard saying ‘Oh s***, what the f*** are you doing? Oh God. Somebody get the police. What the f***? Are you joking? Someone just f***ing run him over, the d*******.’

She climbs off her bike and runs to man’s aid as he lies motionless in the street and the motorist in Mercedes drives away. She screams after him ‘I’ve got you on f****** camera, you t***.’ Another woman is seen kneeling on wet street checking the man’s pulse as seven passersby cluster around him. Zoe told ‘Luckily there was a nurse two cars behind who got him into the recovery position. We waited with him until the ambulance arrived. An ambulance and police came within five minutes and then an air ambulance arrived just minutes later. It airlifted him to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I’ve heard that he’s got no family. He was on life support for a couple of days. He’s severely brain damaged and has broken legs and ribs.’

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police told that a 43 years old man handed himself into Stechford police station at 10 Pm that night where he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He has been released on bail. Constable Stephen Tomlinson from Complex Crime Investigation Team at Stechford police station, told ‘This happened at a busy traffic junction approaching rush-hour; we know there were lots of potential witnesses nearby, both motorists and pedestrians, and we need them to get in touch. The man has undergone surgery in hospital for a very serious head injury; he is in a critical condition. Maybe people drove on not realising the extent of the man’s injuries or assumed it was an accident and that the driver would have stopped at the scene. I need witnesses to contact me as they could hold crucial information.’

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