An 18 years old Planet Fitness employee was brutally attacked in the Rochester, NH, gym’s parking lot. Erin McCarthy was walking to her car after the end of her shift when an unidentified man crept up on her from behind, punching her 39 times. The New Hampshire Police Department released footage of the attack, but froze video after the first punch to protect the victim’s privacy. The video shows the assailant approach McCarthy about 10 Pm on June 12. Police said McCarthy was struck 39 times and thrown to ground where she took a knee to the head. “He just kind of came up and hit me in the back of the head and wouldn’t stop. He didn’t say a word and he didn’t have a reason behind it. I asked, ‘Why? Who are you?’” she said. Authorities say the attacker lurked outside the gym for the entirety of McCarthy’s 8 hour evening shift. The victim did not suffer serious injuries. “I mean, he threw me around like a rag doll, so I kind of just let it happen” she added.

Police are counting on public to help track him down. He is described as a white male wearing a T-shirt, shorts, white sneakers, a baseball hat and sunglasses. He is believed to have fled the scene in a light colored Ford Fusion or similar car. McCarthy told her assailant could be a Planet Fitness gym member with a grudge against her, CBS Boston reported. His hat and glasses prevented her from recognizing him. “Obviously he was trying to disguise himself to a point so that nobody could identify him” Rochester Lt Jeremy Aucoin told. McCarthy said that she’d like to get even and “beat the crap out of him.” Planet Fitness said it’s working with local authorities to assist in their search for the suspect.

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