At least 18 people have died after a double-decker bus crashed on Saturday evening in Hong Kong, police have said.Local media reports quoted passengers as saying the crowded vehicle tipped over after it had been traveling too fast.A police spokeswoman said 15 men and three women were killed in the accident near the town of Tai Po in  northern New Territories.Nearly 50 people were injured and taken to hospitals, including 19 in serious condition, the Hospital Authority told.The South China Morning Post said it was Hong Kong’s worst road accident since a 2003 bus crash that killed 21.Photos and videos published by social media showed the gold-coloured bus lying on its side with its roof torn off, while emergency workers treated injured passengers nearby.It appeared to have slid on its side and hit a lamppost which cut through the front of the vehicle.Rescuers were attempting to reach passengers trapped in wreckage, although police were unable to say how many were still inside.

‘It was much faster than I normally felt in a bus,’ an injured passenger told the South China Morning Post’s online edition.’And then it was like the tyre slipped, and the bus turned. It was really chaotic in bus. People fell on one another and got tossed from side to side,’ he said.Earlier passengers complained to driver who was reportedly 10 minutes late.He then kept speeding up before the bus crashed, the Apple Daily reported, quoting injured passengers at the scene.'(The driver was) intentionally using the bus to throw a tantrum,’ another injured passenger told the Oriental Daily.Lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting of  Democratic Party urged the government to investigate bus designs, ‘especially with the upper deck of buses having been repeatedly torn off in accidents, posing a serious threat to passengers on  upper level’.The Chinese city promotes its public transport system as one of the best infrastructures in the world but fatal accidents do occasionally happen:In 2003 a double-decker bus collided with a truck and plunged from a bridge, killing 21 people
In 2008, 18 people were killed in another bus crash.In April 2017 14 people were injured when a double-decker tram tipped over, with a 23 years old driver later arrested for dangerous driving.The safety of Hong Kong’s waterways has also remained under scrutiny since 39 people were killed when a high-speed ferry and a pleasure boat crashed in 2012.

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