An Arizona man was posing for photographs with a rattlesnake he caught in his yard when it attacked and bit him twice. Victor Pratt 48 years old who said he grew up playing with rattlesnakes, thought he had a handle on the snake when it appeared in his Coolidge yard during a barbeque earlier this month. Despite fact that he had already been bitten once when he was 19 years old, Pratt said“I was showing off. Like I always do.” Pratt, who thought he would show the party how to catch and cook it, was posing for pics when he lost his grip on the snake’s head. The rattlesnake bit him once in chest and once in face and Pratt’s sons drove him to hospital, where he was given a total of 28 vials of antivenom. Doctors inserted a tube in his airways and Pratt, who was sedated said “I lost five days of memory. I didn’t know where I was for five days.” A week later, his face was still severely swollen, as he declared, “Ain’t gonna play with snakes no more.” Rattlesnake venom, which can be deadly, cause an array of symptoms including swelling, trouble breathing, convulsions, nausea and paralysis too.

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