A gang of bullies nailed a plank of wood into head of an autistic boy as he walked home from visiting his grandmother. Romeo Smith 9 years old from Ma nsfield, was approached by group who were waving sticks and calling him cruel names he climbed a tree to try and escape, but when he tried to make his way home one of yobs threw a plank of wood at him with a large nail protruding. Piece of wood hit the youngster at back of his head and the nail embedded itself into his skull.

Mother Natasha 30 years old a nurse, had been walking home with Romeo and her 3 other children after calling at her mother’s house nearby when Romeo was targeted. ‘Romeo had lagged slightly behind. It’s usual for him to trail behind me a bit, he does it a lot because of his autism and it’s something I’m used to him doing. He likes to stop and look at things. So I was ahead of him slightly’ said Natasha at family home in Mansfield, Notts. When she got home Natasha realised Romeo wasn’t behind her so his father Craig 35 years old immediately went to check on him. He found Chelsea fan minutes away from family’s home, trapped in a tree by 3 boys who were brandishing sticks and were calling him cruel names and taunts. As his dad approached Romeo came down but as the pair walked away one of boys picked up a plank of wood which had a nail attached to it and threw it at youngster.

A one inch section of nail embedded itself in back of Romeo’s head with the wood still attached. His dad carried him home and Natasha decided it was too dangerous to remove it on case it caused further injuries. Romeo was taken to Manfield King’s Mill Hospital where doctors gave him morphine and removed nail which had bent as it hit his skull. Natasha said ‘My partner was terrified, and I was so upset but Romeo has been so brave. He is a very lucky little boy because it could have been more serious. He has been given some antibiotics because the nail was so dirty, it was covered in bugs. The doctors were really amazing and he seems fine now but it was a horrible thing to happen. I don’t know whether it had anything to do with his autism, but I think they did see him as vulnerable. If I could speak to the boys responsible I would tell them to stop bullying others.I would tell them to stop the name calling and the violence. I don’t want this to happen to another child.’

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