In addition to a spruced-up exterior, the redesigned Honda Accord will feature three new power trains when it debuts later this year. Honda has given us a sneak peek at 10th generation Accord (albeit a heavily camouflaged one) as well as a look at the three new engines, which include a pair of turbocharged 4 cylinders and a gas electric hybrid. Chief among Honda’s engineering achievements for 2018 Accord is a 10 speed automatic transmission, a novelty for a car this size that promises to bring top-notch efficiency to its turbocharged direct-injected engine. For those looking for more engaging driving experience, the Japanese automaker will also offer a 6 speed manual.

Also joining the Accord lineup is a 1,5 liter direct injected Turbo with a continuously variable transmission or 6 speed manual as well as a 2 motor hybrid platform that uses a conventional automatic transmission. Both 1,5 liter and 2,0 liter turbocharged engines will be built in Honda’s Anna, Ohio plant, the continuously variable transmission will be assembled at its Russells Point, Ohio plant and the 10 speed automatic will be put together at the company’s plant in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Although it is not clear yet based on the most recent photo of it released by Honda, the Accord is due to receive more aggressive styling when it arrives in dealerships this fall, helping it keep pace with its arch rival, the Toyota Camry, which also has received a 2018 overhaul complete with a sportier appearance. Honda and Toyota duke it out every year for title of best selling midsize sedan in America, with both frequently claiming victory. Toyota often sells more total cars but because so many of them are to rental and municipal fleets while Honda sells almost exclusively to individual drivers, both do have an argument to be made.

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