At least 17 undocumented immigrants were found in a tractor trailer in southern Texas Sunday. A relative in Mexico tipped police in Edinburg that a family member had been trapped in a locked trailer at a Flying J Travel Plaza gas station along the U.S.-Mexico border. Immigrants found alive in vehicle were from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Romania. The conditions of 14 men and 3 women were not immediately known. Tipster said their relative was with other immigrants and complaining of high temperatures in the trailer.

Two Cuban nationals were arrested in connection to the incident, Edinburg Police Chief David White said, adding that United States Customs Border Protection is investigating the case. Discovery comes a month after more than 30 people were found inside a tractor trailer in San Antonio. Ten people died of heat exhaustion in botched human trafficking attempt. James Bradley 60 years old driver of trailer, was arrested and charged with smuggling the people.

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