Fascinating footage of a sand boa giving birth has been baffling viewers. Video was posted on Reptile Collective Facebook page last week with the caption ‘Always cool to witness live birth’. It shows 2 of slippery reptiles being born, out of a total of six babies.

Since it was posted last week, the video has clocked up over 9 million views. On Monday Reptile Collective posted a picture of the 6 babies, telling ‘Yes all the babies made it. Here are all of them. Thank you for all of the interest. Sand boas are AMAZING animals that stay small and generally very tractable and tolerant of us humans.’ But footage left many viewers scratching their heads, with many commenting that they were confused as they thought snakes only laid eggs. ‘I’m finding my elementary school teachers and firing them myself. Snakes lay eggs, but I guess this is 2017 everything changes’ wrote Brittany Hutchcraft. Autumn Freeman wrote ‘So are boas considered mammals?? Every science class as a child has failed me.’ In fact, only 70% of the world’s snakes lay eggs. Those snakes, known as oviparous, or egg laying, tend to live in warmer climates. While viviparous, or live-birthing, snakes tend to live in colder places.

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