Authorities in North Carolina released police dash cam footage showing 2 officers fatally shooting an armed woman who initially fired her gun at them last month. Video is a recording of an incident that took place on Interstate 40 on morning of July 8 near Newton Grove, North Carolina. In footage, an officer pulls over off the highway where he sees a woman, 50 years old Tina Renee Medlin, lying face down on the grass in front of a crashed car. The dramatic clip shows an officer get out of his cruiser and approach Medlin. As officer begins to walk toward Medlin, he is warned by a witness on scene that she is armed.

When officer demands that Medlin show her hands, she hesitates. Medlin is seen in video getting on her feet with one of her hands concealed. Moments later, she flashes her gun and starts shooting. Officer and another law enforcement agent not pictured in footage return fire and strike her twice. Medlin was rushed to a local hospital. Initial reports indicated that she died at scene, but these claims were false.

Medlin died 3 days later from her injuries. She sustained bullet wounds to her head and right arm. The 2 officers, North Carolina State Trooper JL Taylor and Johnston County Deputy Taylor Davis, were deemed to have acted appropriately. Officials said two men ‘returned fire after being shot at by Tina Renee Medlin.’ ‘Under the circumstances observed by Trooper Taylor and Deputy Davis, their use of deadly force was both reasonable and warranted’ authorities told. State believed it was necessary to release the video footage in order to explain why the officers should not face criminal charges. Incident in question began that Saturday morning, when 911 dispatchers received numerous calls from motorists who reported seeing a white GMC Yukon XL SUV speeding as it was driving westbound on I-40. Motorists claimed that the driver was driving erratically and reaching dangerously high speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Witnesses also called 911 and reported that a vehicle, presumably the same SUV, had crashed near Benson. A woman was also seen lying on grass just beside the shoulder of the highway. When a motorist pulled over and approached the woman, she reportedly got up and yelled ‘I wish I would have just killed myself!’ The witness then reported that woman, Medlin, went to her SUV and retrieved a gun. She then said to the man it was loaded. When witness called 911, dispatcher told him to leave the scene for his own safety. The witness then said to the dispatcher that Medlin put the gun into her waistband and laid down on the ground in front of the damaged SUV. Witness then left the scene. Moments later, the 2 law enforcement officers arrived. According to authorities, officers yelled at Medlin several times, ordering her to show her hands. When Medlin refused, officers drew their weapons. Medlin then turned away and yelled ‘That’s not my car!’ She then reached toward her back waistband. One of officers, Taylor, warned her not to pull out the gun. ‘Don’t draw it!’ he told. That’s when Medlin took the gun and fired at officers. When they returned fire, she fell to ground.


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