The average price of wedding is now an eye watering £27,000, but one thrifty bride managed to cut costs right down  spending just £1,000 on her big day. Emilyrose Fitzpatrick, 29, from Glasgow, looked every inch beautiful bride as she tied the knot with husband Rory in a romantic ceremony, followed by a big reception attended by 100 family and friends.

 Incredibly she managed to keep to a tiny budget, spending just £60 on her dress from ASOS, £50 on flowers and £200 on a photographer, while she saved on pampering by getting friends to do her hair and make-up.The reception at a local pub was the biggest expenditure, costing £590  but this included hiring function room, as well as food and entertainment. Only other costs were the £30 wedding cake and their rings, which they bought for £70.

Emily  who is originally from Sydney told she and Rory had originally planned to elope and get married with just two witnesses present,but when her parents decided to fly over from Australia to visit, they decided they would have a big do instead.


Venue, food and entertainment –  £590

Wedding dress – £60

Rings – £70

Flowers – £50

Cake – £30

Photographer – £200

TOTAL: £1,000 

 Couple decided that having  ceremony at the local registry office would be the cheapest option. Meanwhile Rory  who works in hospitality managed to get an ‘amazing deal’ on a function room at one of their favourite pubs.Emily, who works in interior design, told she only chose her ASOS dress 30 minutes before  actual wedding, after ordering several options online, as well as picking up a frock from a vintage shop.’I had four dresses to choose from on  day and made up my mind in the last thirty minutes,’ she explained. ‘I ended up so chuffed with my dress from ASOS.’

She also spent the day before  wedding foraging flowers for her wedding bouquet, while two of her closest friends helped her do her make-up.  However, Emily who met Rory while she was studying in the UK says it wasn’t all plain sailing when it came to wedding planning. ‘I found whole planning part to be really hard. I was a brand new resident of Glasgow and was terribly homesick,’ she told.’I didn’t have my mates, sister or mum around to help me with anything. ‘So many times I just wanted to fork out £200 for a florist so I didn’t need to stress, or buy that £1,000 wedding dress so that I felt confident.’

‘If you are creative and money savy you can have everything you want.’ She added: ‘It goes by so quickly you can barely remember most of it and now we have more money to spend on an amazing holiday which we will remember!’

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