The father of the terror suspect pictured being arrested on a housing estate by armed police yesterday the 22 years old told ‘deserves what he gets,’  if he was involved in the Manchester plot. Ayub Elshetwi was held after being Tasered following a chase through his home town of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, on Wednesday, just months after he is believed to have returned to the United Kingdom from Libya. Yesterday his father, who fled the North African country more than 20 years ago to escape Colonel Gaddaffi’s brutal regime, condemned the suicide bombing which claimed 22 lives. But denied son Ayub could have been radicalised. Speaking from the semi detached family home in Nuneaton, father of five Naser told ‘There is no proof at the moment he has done anything wrong. He has never been in trouble before, I cannot believe he would do something so bad. I feel awful about the attacks, I have children of my own. Ayub has never showed any strong Islamic views and I don’t see how he could have been radicalised.’

The builder told he was unaware of links between his son and suicide bomber Salman Adebi, telling ‘He’s never even been to Manchester. If he did do it he deserves what he gets.’

Earlier this year, Mr Elshetwi spoke to his local newspaper about being shot in Libya in January 2016 during a kidnap attempt. He had twice returned to the country to help with building projects, having been granted British citizenship under former Home Secretary David Blunkett’s amnesty for families seeking asylum. Upon arrival in the United Kingdom, he moved to Nuneaton with his wife, where they had 5 children. Ayub attended Higham Lane secondary school, where fellow former pupils remember him as a westernized teenager who was a troublemaker. One source said that Ayub moved to Libya at 16 years old and only returned earlier this year.  She said ‘He had completely changed. He had grown a beard and was now wearing long flowing clothes, instead of the jeans and trainers he used to wear.’

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