Lebanese officials told they helped foil a plot to bring down a passenger plane that terrorists were planning to blow up with explosives hidden inside a meat grinder and a large Barbie doll. The target was an Emirati passenger plane that was supposed to take off earlier this month from Sydney en route to United Arab Emirates’ capital, Abu Dhabi. Lebanon’s interior minister Nohad Machnouk said to reporters that bombs never made it on plane because the handbag they were placed in was 15,4 pounds above weight permitted by airline. Machnouk told the bombs were sent back to the would be attacker’s home in Australia. He told the attacker tried to bring 2 explosives on plane in case one of them did not work. The second would be detonated by one of 4 Lebanese Australian brothers who was supposed to be suicide attacker. One of brothers is in custody, Machnouk told. It was not immediately clear how authorities uncovered the plot.

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