She is the stunning model turned fashion designer who is not shy in front of a camera, but on Monday Sahara Ray found herself suffering a swimwear malfunction as she almost lost her red bikini top at a beach in Cancun, Mexico, during photo shoot. The 24 years old laughed as she pulled the swimwear back up, flashing her nipple. The beauty seemed to struggle with her swimwear multiple times, adjusting the bikini bottoms once she left surf. Once her swimsuit was back in check, the beauty posed for a series of pics, flaunting her incredible figure for a camera man. Sahara appeared to be posing for several pics that showcased her pert derriere. Her bikini bottoms left very little to to the imagination, with a very revealing high cut that sat above the blonde’s hips.

At one point the model could be seen pulling on the side of the swimwear, raising it even higher to show off her behind in it is best light. Wearing a retro bandanna around her hair, which was in a messy bun, Sahara laughed as she posed for snaps with a lit cigarette. The bikini top’s straps fell down off her shoulders several times as beauty shot flirty looks at the camera.

She added a shell choker and sunglasses, worn low on her nose. Leaning down in the surf on all fours, Sahara posed proactively, looking back at camera, before flaunting her sand coated bottom for another series of pictures. Sahara also posed for several pic in a wooden beach chair, the photographer adjusting her hair between shots.

The daughter of surf legend Tony Ray also got behind camera at one stage, covering up in a denim jacket leaning forward to snap away. Known for posting racy photos to Instagram, the gorgeous social media star has flashed glimpses of her nipple ring in the past.

Born in the Australian coastal town of Torquay, Sahara was raised in Santa Cruz, California. Sahara found herself in the spotlight last year after she was spotted skinny dipping in Hawaii with Justin Bieber.

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