The bodies of up to 42 people were found in just one room by search and rescue teams combing Grenfell Tower after the fatal fire last week. It is believed the remains of the group were discovered inside one of the flats by recovery teams who have been searching the White City tower block over last few days. A video uploaded on YouTube shows an unnamed man speaking in front of the burned out tower. ‘He said ‘I’ve got a friend who works for the fire brigade here, yeah? Yesterday on the phone he said they found about 42 bodies in one room, all hiding together. No-one knows that.’

‘It is only because we know the brother, he’s a fireman, that he told us this, but he can’t tell you lot that. He can’t come out because he’ll probably get the sack or something. But he said they found 42 bodies in one room, bruv, in one room. From children to old people.’ The number has not been confirmed by police or fire service. A spokesman for London Fire Service told he would be unable to confirm or deny the information and said the police were handling the investigation.

And a spokesman for Met Police said he would not be able to advise on numbers or information relating to the searches so far. One of worst disasters in recent history, police have confirmed 79 are thought to have died, but the true figure is thought by residents and locals to be much higher. A friend of victim, who wished to remain unnamed, said close to the scene of the tragedy ‘They found 42 bodies in one flat. The word tragic doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s heartbreaking. Maybe they went there to comfort each other.’ The landscape of the Lancaster Estate in White City changed forever in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a fire broke out around 1:30 Pm.

Allegedly said to stay in their rooms, residents at the scene say people were sentenced to death when they were told not to leave. Noha Baghdady’s brother Hesham Rahman lived on the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower, on estate where he grew up. A retired hairdresser and diabetic, 57 years old Rahman has not been seen or heard from since he heart breakingly said his mother he was running out of battery on the fateful morning when flames engulfed the tower block building in North Kensington, London. Describing the last known moments of Heshman, Noha said ‘Our mother called him because she could see fire from where she lives. She told him ‘get out of there son, you need to get out. He called the police and asked for help but he was told to stay put in the flat and to lock the door, he was trapped.’ With tears in her eyes, Noha described how her brother was funny and had a great sense of humor. ‘The last time I spoke to him was only the day before, he sent me a hilarious video on WhatsApp that’s the sort of man he was’ she added. Distraught, Noha and her husband said they believed the authorities were deliberately keeping the death toll low. ‘The government needs to declare this as a disaster, someone needs to be held accountable. They aren’t reporting the proper number of deaths’ they said.

A retired hairdresser, Hesham stopped working a few years ago after suffering from diabeties which caused his feet to swell. In a separate harrowing incident related to the tragedy a mother of two children recorded her final moments when she became trapped in her flat on the 23rd floor. In a gut-wrenching video, Rania Ibrham 30 years old could be heard asking for help as her frantic neighbours tried to flee their homes on the smoke-filled 23rd floor. The distressing footage shows the mother of two children desperately trying to escape but when she realises the she can not  leave, she begins to pray asking for help as those online were helpless to save her. The haunting video has been etched into her friend Fatima’s memory who says she can not get the thought out of her mind. Living opposite the enormous tower block where Rania lived, Fatima told she was awake when the fire broke out but was told not to enter the building or to help by the police. Fatima broke down and collapsed after describing her rage at a council who ‘ignored’ them and authorities who told her friend to stay inside. ‘They have done nothing, she called for help. They were told to stay up there but she died and her children have died. The government and the council haven’t done anything, it’s only the community. We have come together, they thought we wouldn’t but we did’ she said.

On the upsetting video Fatima has watched, she said ‘She kept asking ‘how’ ‘how’ ‘how’? She wanted to get out but she couldn’t, I can’t sleep, all I can hear is the screams from the building.’ Tonight as tempers flared outside one of the cordons by the North Kensington tower block, Fatima addressed a crowd about her outrage as nearby TV presenters prepared for a live broadcast. ‘People need to know the truth. These were our children, our friends who died’ she said. Rania’s devastated husband Hassan Hassan returned to the country from Egypt after hearing the news. Along with his wife, their two daughters Fethia 5 years old and Hania 3 years old are missing and presumed dead. Fatima added ‘He just stood outside the building and was crying and crying, what can he do? He’s lost his wife and his two children. It’s heartbreaking.’ Describing her friend, she said ‘She was a lovely, lovely person. She was so nice. She would do anything for anyone.’ According to her Facebook, Rania studied economics and political science at the University of Oxford and worked in the community as the executive of a homeless outreach team. On Saturday the Met Police announced the number of expected dead had risen from 30 up to 58 though residents on the ground they anticipated the true figure would be much higher. A woman who asked not to be named was once of first to witness the incident after emergency services were alerted on Wednesday morning. ‘That place is a graveyard in the sky. There were 600 people there and ask anyone, where are the survivors? Who has seen the survivors? There are loads of volunteers and people who saw it, but hardly anyone made it out. I heard people begging for help and begging for their lives. Most of those people who died had to be children. I haven’t been able to sleep’ she said. A woman close to the scene heckled the television crews and asked for media to ‘tell the truth’. ‘There are more than 58 dead, it’s in triple figures’ she added.

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