Dozens of people have taken to social media to discuss the Queen’s choice of hat today, with many claiming it resembles the European flag. Her Majesty chose a royal blue ensemble to make her speech, with a matching hat featuring seven flowers, each with a small round centre – which some believe resemble the stars on the blue background of EU flag. One confused Twitter user wrote ‘Is the Queen sending a message by wearing an ‘European’ hat? Blue with gold stars?’ And even one of the EU’s leading MEPs, Guy Verhofstadt, spotted the similarity, with the Belgian politician tweeting ‘Clearly the EU still inspires some in the UK.’

Another Twitter user wrote ‘Is The Queen’s hat inspired by the European Union flag? I always thought she was a remainer.’  One added ‘Is it just me, or does the Queen look like she’s dressed in EU blue, with a ring of European stars on her hat?’ The pomp and ceremony of the Queen’s Speech was toned down, partly due to snap election meaning it has been arranged at late notice. The 91 years old monarch delivered her speech wearing a day dress and hat, rather than the usual Imperial state crown and ceremonial robes.

She was also accompanied by Prince Charles instead of the Duke of Edinburgh, who has been taken ill overnight. This year’s ceremony was scaled down because it is taking place just four days after the Trooping the Colour and it was deemed infeasible for the military to stage 2 major events in such a short period. It means the Queen traveled to and from the Palace of Westminster by car rather than by carriage.

With the loss of procession and the carriage used to take the Regalia, the Imperial state crown, the Cap of Maintenance and Great Sword of State, to the Palace of Westminster, it is understood the decision was taken to scale back other ceremonial elements, such as the Queen’s attire. The Queen’s procession to the Chamber of House of Lords, where she takes the throne and delivers her speech, was also reduced, with no heralds present.

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