Adults are hurting themselves while shaving, lotioning, waxing and even plucking their pubic hair, a practice that 76% admit to doing, but a quarter of them also told that their pruning practices resulted in an injury, according to a recent survey from JAMA Dermatology. A small number (1,5%) even sent themselves to hospital. The survey was conducted by a team of urologists at the University of California San Francisco after they noticed that about 3% of their emergency room patients were there because of pubic hair grooming related injuries. Doctors weren’t surprised that their survey revealed that people who experienced these injuries also groom more frequently and extensively than their uninjured peers.

“One lesson to take from this is that if you have had significant grooming injuries, or keep getting injured, you should reconsider the areas you groom, how frequently you do it, and the extent to which you do it” co-author of the survey Dr Benjamin Breyer said. About 60% of injuries reported on survey were cuts, leading the researchers to determine that razors are probably the riskiest way of trimming down under. Other common injuries were rashes and burns. Pubic area injuries could make people more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, but Breyer told that “infections from grooming injuries are rare.” He plans on studying correlation between grooming nicks and cuts and sexually transmitted infections to see if there’s any real connection. In meantime, a slower, more careful flick of razor is advised.

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