A large suicide vehicle blast killed at least 9 and wounded nearly 100 in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Wednesday morning. The powerful explosion rocked the city’s diplomatic quarter, destroying dozens of vehicles, littering the streets with debris and sending a huge plume of black smoke spiraling into the air. “It was a vehicle bomb near the German embassy, but there are several other important compounds and offices near there too. It is hard to say what the exact target is” Kabul police spokesman Basir Mujahid said.

The attack sent at least 90 wounded to Kabul hospitals. The NATO led Resolute Support told the rush hour blast erupted near its headquarters just before 8:30 Am. The area is one of Kabul’s most secure neighborhoods and is home to fortified foreign embassies and news bureaus too. The explosion reportedly shattered the windows at a news bureau for the Wall Street Journal.

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