Police investigating the Manchester Arena attack have release CCTV pictures of the bomber wheeling a  blue suitcase.
Detective from the north west counter-terror unit say they know Salman Abedi visited the Wilmslow Road area of Manchester, known locally as  Curry Mile, and was seen with the suitcase in the center of the city.

They are trying to put together his movements from 18 May, when he has arrive in UK from Libya, and 22 May, when he detonated a bomb injuring 116 others ,killing 22 people.
DCS Russ Jackson from the counter-terrorism unit appealed for information.
He told that they continue to track the final movements of Salman Abedi and are particularly interested in his whereabouts between 18 and 22 May 2017.
“Today, we are releasing an image of Abedi carrying a  blue suitcase and an image of a replica of the case.
“Did you see Abedi with this suitcase between the 18 and 22 May 2017? Where did you see him with it during that time? You may have seen him in the Wilmslow Road area or Manchester city centre with the suitcase or know where the suitcase have been.”

“We believe that  Abedi were  in possession of this case in the days before the attack at Manchester Arena on Monday 22 May. I want to stress that this is a different item than the one he used in the attack. This image was taken from CCTV in the center of the city  on 22 May.”
“We have no reason to believe the case and it  contain anything dangerous, but will ask people to be cautious.”

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