She lost a staggering 2 stone after admitting her self confidence had plummeted to new lows and Frankie Essex showed she was back on top as she put on a racy display in LA on Friday. The former TOWIE star showed off the results of her hard work, as she whipped off her bikini top in a provocative move. Dressed in a low slung semi-sheer white gypsy skirt, she showed off full expanse of her slender physique and in a brave display, the blonde reality star whipped off her white bikini top, showing off her very ample bust. Posing against picturesque backdrop of the Californian plush sand and crystal clear waters, Frankie certainly turned heads.

She first revealed staggering results of her weight loss in November last year and spoke at the time about her journey. She revealed ‘I’ve had a year and a half of being sad and depressed and not even wanting to leave the house at times. I just want to make everyone feel good like I do now,’ she said, about sharing her fitness tips in new DVD, Frankie Essex Weight Loss Workouts. Burning calories and getting a sweat on, it just releases the endorphins and it makes you feel better.’

The reality star had to overcome the fear of being judged when she first rejoined a gym and embarked on her weight loss journey. ‘Sometimes I think the gym’s a bit scary,. I didn’t go for ages, it’s a bit intimidating. Especially being on TV, I felt like everyone was looking at me anyway and I was bigger and I felt fat. Now I talk to all the men about their regimes and we all kind of copy each other’s routines’ she added.

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