With temperatures hitting a scorching 33 degrees this week, it is fair to say that many Brits were somewhat unprepared for the sudden heatwave. While thousands flocked to their nearest beach or beer garden to catch some rays, it seems many forgot to slather on sun cream as it was not long before enthusiastic sun-seekers were displaying an impressive array of bright white tan lines. The Met Office has warned the scorching temperatures will reach 33 degrees in some parts of the country on Wednesday, before plummeting to as low as 17 degrees in north-west with showers expected the end of week. Luckily sun-seekers from around the globe have managed to see the funny side despite being burnt to a crisp and have taken to social media to show off the unfortunate results of their sunbathing efforts. From a bright white hairline to a mysterious hand print and a criss cross bikini shadow, these sunbathing fails are guaranteed to get you reaching for factor 50.

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