A giant swastika dating back to the Third Reich has been unearthed by construction workers in Germany 70 years after it was built.Made from steel reinforced concrete, the crooked cross measuring four metres across was discovered during renovation work at  Hein Klink Stadium in Hamburg.It spans an area where five new dressing rooms for local athletes will be built.Local authorities were informed immediately and plans are in hand to remove the symbol of Nazism  illegal in modern day Germany as swiftly as possible.It seems the gigantic swastika was to be the basis of a mammoth Nazi memorial whose construction was abandoned when the tide of war turned.David Erkalp, a local conservative politician, visited the site on Monday and told ‘This is a frightful symbol of a terrible past that must be done away with as soon as possible.’The swastika is do deeply embedded in the earth that the bulldozer which brought it to light cannot shift it.It is unclear whether it will be totally destroyed or handed over to a local museum.But city officials say they want the swastika, which was buried a foot below ground, gone as quickly as possible.Because it’s too heavy to be transported away, it is likely to be destroyed with jackhammers.

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