A dying woman in Australia was granted a special wish, to see ocean one last time. An ambulance crew was transporting patient to palliative care unit of a local hospital when she asked if they could stop at the beach. A heart-warming pic of woman looking out at water was posted on Facebook on Wednesday and has been shared more than 20’000 times. “Tears were shed and the patient felt very happy” Queensland Ambulance Service wrote. Paramedic Danielle Kellan took the pic. Her colleague Graeme Cooper can be seen standing next to the gurney on Hervey Bay beach in Queensland. “We popped her up on the hill where she could see the pier and Fraser Island and right through to Point Burrum and she was ecstatic with it all. I thought if all these rocks weren’t here I’d get down into my jocks and take you into the ocean and I would have, however I thought the next best thing was I can get some ocean and bring it to her. She actually tasted the salt water” Cooper said. Cooper said to the news that they received special permission from their bosses before making the trip to the beach. “We’re very fortunate we’re in the role we do, if you’re sensitive to your surroundings, when a window of opportunity opens up, take it” he said. Kellan said that she asked the patient “what are you thinking? And she said ‘I’m at peace, everything is right.'”

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